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Symptoms of Overtraining Ryno Power

If you’re going full power, full speed, AND full time at the gym, you may end up with several symptoms of overtraining. Some of them are obvious, and others less so; it’s important that you give your body time to acclimate to, and recover from, your workouts. As tough and cool as it may sound, the old adage ‘no pain, no gain’ isn’t as great for your body as you might think. Here are five symptoms of over training:

Physical Symptoms of Overtraining


This one is a no brainer – if you’re feeling sore when you move, it’s probably a good idea to take some extra time to recover. While you are naturally sore after a workout when the muscles cool down, it should not go on for days (and you should certainly not keep exercising until the ache is gone).

Pain/ Increased Susceptibility to Injury

You may hurt yourself during a workout. While pain is definitely one of the more obvious symptoms of overtraining, it’s easy to discount it as a mistake; even more so with vulnerability to injuries, despite the fact that the more exhausted your body is, the more mistakes you’re likely to make, and therefore, the possibility for injury rises.

Limited Range of Motion

Another no brainer, if you can’t move the way you used to, you need to take some time out to heal up and possibly reevaluate your techniques.

Elevated Resting Heart Rate

Put simply, your body has gotten used to working overtime, all the time. I shouldn’t have to explain why this is a problem. Here, the adage ‘work smarter, not harder’ pays off. You don’t want to burn out on life – literally – any time soon.

The Mind Sends Signals Too

Lack of Energy/Motivation

This is one that you might let slip by. It’s all too common to think it’s all in your head when it comes to workouts, and wanting it or not wanting it. Typically, you train to push yourself through slumps. The truth is, your body is smarter than you give it credit for, and if you’re not feeling it in mind and muscle, it’s best to take a break.

Bottom line, if you experience symptoms of overtraining, it’s time to take a break and reevaluate when and how you work out. Anything less is a disrespect to the body you’re trying to build and the health you’re trying to keep.

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