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Wait, What? What is Whey Protein Isolate (and who it’s for)

Did the spider know something about whey protein isolate when he frightened Miss Muffet away? The curds and whey she left behind are the byproducts of cheese-making: curds (solid part) and whey (liquid part). Converting the liquid offers numerous health benefits, including muscle growth, fat loss and an enhanced immune system.

Whey protein isolate 101

Whey protein concentrate is made by drying liquid whey into a light-colored powder containing fat, lactose and anywhere from 30 to 80% protein. It is produced by removing most of the non-protein elements from whey, leaving 90 to 95% pure protein. It is a complete protein, containing a large number of branched chain amino acids (bcaa) that build a healthy body. Its bland flavor can be added to shakes and smoothies, and is often used as a healthy supplement or a meal replacement.

Health benefits

Branched chain amino acids are known to repair damaged cells. The growth and repair of muscle tissue was shown to improve when subjects ingested whey protein isolate in a Canadian study. The protein powder also helps with weight loss, emphasized when patients in a 12-week study drank shakes before meals and lost significantly more weight than the control group.
A preclinical study in rodents found that it decreased inflammation and the occurrence of tumor cells. The large amount of the amino acid cysteine in whey protein isolate is also believed to boost the immune system.

Who should use it

People who need more protein in their diet, including vegetarians who eat dairy products and the elderly, will benefit from whey protein isolate. Athletes, and those who exercise vigorously, deplete the body’s supply of amino acids can replenish with whey protein isolate. Patients with special medical needs, including cancer and HIV, often use this protein powder to improve their immune response.

Whey protein isolate contains very little lactose and 90% protein. It can help users grow muscles, lose weight and upgrade their immunity. Sitting on a tuffet is optional.